Corporation Adoption

Our Adopt a Hive package is available to all individuals, businesses, organisations, schools, local authorities, groups and it is also the perfect gift for every occasion, including: corporate gifting, birthdays, anniversaries and upcoming holidays.

Ireland has been identified as one of the largest gene pools of the European dark honeybee (Apis Melifera Melifera). The native Irish dark honeybee belongs to this family of bees. Once a bee that was found all over Europe, it is now being threated by climate change, lack of biodiversity and diseases casued by varroa mites.

There are now only a few remaining isolated areas whereby it can be found in its pure form. Ireland is one of those locations where the dark honeybee can be found and which are perfectly adapted for our damp climate. However, it is now being threatened by hybridisation due to the importation of non native honeybees on to the island of Ireland.

By partnering with us, your company will be supporting our conservation work, allowing us to focus on the helping to expand the number of native Irish honeybee colonies in Ireland.

This will, in turn, contribute to your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and generate a great buzz amongst your company and demonstrate to your customers your continued support for the environment and towards the conservation of the endangered native irish honeybee.

Terms & Conditions: Period of adoption lasts for 12mths. A discount is available on adopting for multiple years or for adopting multiple hives. All prices are subject to review.

We can also brand the hive to suit your companys branding for an additional cost.

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