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Mated Queens

Our Blackwater Honey Queens have been carefully selected and bred for disease resistance, and laying of quality brood.

Each mated Queen will be assessed for successful mating to ensure they will go on to develop healthy and prolific honey production hives.

Additionally, all mated Queens will be colour marked before sale.

Each Queen is packaged in individual queen cages with about 5-10 worker bees and food for their journey.

They can be collected or delivered by An Post. Next day registered national delivery available at an additional cost.

Remember, the introduction of any new Queen can be a challenging and delicate task.


We do our best to ensure our Queens are as strong and healthy as possible, but we can never guarantee a successful introduction into a hive.


Be sure you do a bit of research before your Queen arrives.


There are plenty of resources available online, in our blog, and from local beekeeping associations or alternatively contact us and we will talk you through the whole process.

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