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A large number of individuals, local businesses and indeed multi-nationals have recently committed to supporting Blackwater Honeybees by adopting a hive of native honeybees. 

By partnering with us you will have helped save and create a new native Irish honeybee colony. Ireland has been identified as one of the largest gene pools of Apis Mellifera Mellifera (AMM) or otherwise known as the European dark honeybee. The Native Irish Honeybee belongs to this family. This bee was once found all over Europe and is now under threat due to climate change, lack of biodiversity, insecticides, pest and diseases and hybridisation by non-native honeybees. 

By adopting a hive from us, you will be helping to support our vital conservation work in close co-operation with Native Irish Honeybee Society (NIHBS) which was established to promote the conservation of Apis mellifera mellifera throughout the island of Ireland. The Society strives to raise public awareness of our native honeybee and its importance, and acts in an advisory capacity to groups and individuals wishing to promote and preserve it. 



Adopt a Hive or Queen today

By partnering with us, your or your business will be directly supporting our conservation work in saving the Native honeybee.

Your support will also help us to expand the number of native Irish honeybee colonies in order to ensure that our Irish food supplies continue to be adequately pollinated by bees.