Nucleus Colonies

A Nuc is a great option for a hobbyist or beginner Beekeeper. Our Nucs, like our Queens are from locally mated native Irish AMM honey bees, which are carefully selected for traits of high productivity, fertility, calm temperament, and disease tolerance and resistance.

Each Nuc will have been carefully inspected and treated against the Varroa mite. We continually monitor for signs of other diseases within our apiaries.


Our Blackwater Honey Overwintered Nucs are normally available from early May, and Summer Nucs are available from mid-June each year. We do advise early booking as they tend to sell out quickly each year.


A booking deposit of €100 is required on all nucleus colony orders. Six frames Nucs contain 2-3 frames of brood and 2-3 frames of feed/stores on fully drawn-out combs.We use the British National hive DN4 Hoffman style brood frames.


Dulux Weathershield Smooth Masonry can be applied to the poly hive in Option 2 for added protection against UV light. All polystyrene will degrade over time in sunlight so it is highly recommended to do it. Standard colour is Dulux Weathershield in the colour Bracken. The cost for the paint treatment is €25.

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