Adopt a Queen


Would you like to adopt a Queen bee from one of our many apiaries in Ireland?

Our Adopt a bee is geared towards the child, niece or nephew etc. in your family and is the perfect gift for their birthday or upcoming holiday.

Ireland has been identified as one of the largest gene pools of the European dark honeybee (Apis Melifera Melifera). The native Irish honeybee belongs to this family of bees. Once a bee that was found all over Europe, it is now being threated by hybridisation (casued by the mating with other species of honeybee). There are now but a few remaining isolated areas in Europe whereby it can be found in its pure form. Ireland is one of those locations where the Native Dark bee can be found and they are perfectly adapted for our climate.

Your adoption pack will containing the following items;

1 x  Adoption certificate signed by the BWH team

1 x Informational card, 5 x postcard and 5 x business card.

1 x Photo of your adopted Queen will be sent via email.

5 x packets of Wildflower seeds to plant and to help encourage the bees and other pollinators.

Terms & Conditions: Period of adoption lasts for 12mths.


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