• Sufficient stores, peace and quiet and protection from both the elements and rodents


  • Check on the Fondant stores within the hive
  • Check the Apiary before any bad weather to ensure hives are ok and strapped down
  • Ensure that the hives are waterproof. Check the hive stand legs for any timber rot
  • Insulate above the crown board and under the roof to help retain heat in the hive
  • Poly hives should be fine
  • Treat for Varroa mites using Oxalic acid treatment
  • Check on hives after any bad weather particularly after any Storms
  • Clean hive equipment and store any equipment not required over the winter
  • Plan for the New Year and purchase equipment in the sales
  • Find new site locations
  • Update your hive records
  • Provide drinking water
  • Rearrange hives in cold weather only


  • Gorse
  • Ivy
  • Mahonia

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